Curious how Nurturing Change can boost your business..?

Business Lifestyle Coaching

Business Lifestyle Coaching “the secret to growth, balance and success”.  Now more than ever businesses need extra support for themselves, leaders, colleagues, suppliers and customers.  Empathy, acceptance and an ability to listen and adapt to change are some of the valuable skills needed to see your business align.

When you invest in your people, then the results will follow.  You could be standing beside someone who is doing their best not to fall apart, which also means they are in survival mode and not focusing on your business.  Every person within a group or organisation is a customer to each other first.  Take care of your people and they will take care of your business.

Life happens, things occur out of our control, we feel emotions triggered.  This can affect our mind and body, along with our focus and business results.    Our biggest challenge is how we respond, how we overcome, how we thrive again.



Transform your people.

Transform YOUR business.

I don’t think we have ever met anyone with such a depth knowledge before and nothing was too much trouble.

Julia S, Warrington

I have really enjoyed our discussions over the past years and also your warmth and support and hope that everything works out perfectly for you.  You deserve nothing less.
No more Flamingo Croquet 🙂
If you are ever in the area please feel free to say Hi. Your visit will reset my day as always
Andy C, Havant

Thanks for all your help over the years, having gone through a few things I am a firm believer that good service is worth paying for.

David B, London

Nurturing Change supports businesses who invest in their people.

Working with YOU to get the results you want.



With uncertain times ahead and a vast change in how we live our lives, this is affecting people in ways we have never experienced before. A greater amount of patience, understanding and creative flair is required.   Recognising what makes people tick, what drives them, what triggers them and what helps them feel secure.

The outside environment and people’s personal circumstances are influencing each decision.  Emotions are being heightened right now and new ways of coping with stress, anxiety, relationships, mind and well-being are at a critical point.  All of which will impact your business if not supported.

Benefits of Business Lifestyle Coaching with Estelle Louise Balfour

  • Professional, Accredited, Qualified Therapist.
  • 25 years of Small, Medium, Corporate and International business experience – a proved track record within the industry.  Highly experienced and effective Commercial Manager.
  • Bespoke on-site programmes or 1-2-1 clinics.
  • Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, IEMT Therapist – Taking care of your workforce, so they can focus on your business.
  • Confidence building, improve performance, bringing balance within your business culture.
  • Increased employee retention, harmony, attendance.  Reducing stress, anxiety and unrest.  Improved well-being throughout your organisation.
  • Ideal for all the workforce, within every aspect of the business.
  • Flexibility with Gold, Silver, Bronze or bespoke packages, half or full-day onsite clinics, retainer options.
  • Transform your people and transform your business success.
  • & much more…

What to expect…

During the initial consultation, a brief will be taken, a presentation about Nurturing Change will be shown, followed by a questions & answer session.  A bespoke outline proposal will be returned within the follow up meeting.   

Options to extend or add to the services within the agreement will be possible within the time frame of the contract.  When we agree the scope of the services and the Terms and Conditions signed, then the timetable will be prepared, and we will begin. 

It must be noted that any 1-2-1 sessions will be strictly confidential between the client and therapist, complying with the current GDPR terms and conditions.  Employees will also benefit from special rates for family & friends during the timeframe of the contract with the employer. 

What can Nurturing Change do for YOU & YOUR organisation or business..?

At Nurturing Change we offer a variety of services to support your business and your people, guiding them through this changing world.

  • One to one support for your people
  • Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coaching
  • Hypnotherapy
  • Integral Eye Movement Therapy
  • Holistic Alternative Therapies
  • Mentoring
  • Aligning the beliefs & values.
  • Group and individual Transformation Programmes.
  • Bespoke Workshops based around NLP techniques – rebuilding, acceptance and success.
  • Coping strategies to dealing with stress, anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, fear.
  • Guiding people to manage their personal mindset and bring out the best in your people.
  • Empowering individual lives, leading to improved results and productivity for your business.

You and your teams are dealing with unprecedented emotions which has a high risk of affecting performance, results and trigger past events.  Potentially distracting the business from attaining its goals or survival.  Nurturing Change works with you to re-map mindset, recognising the importance of self-care within the Business Lifestyle.  Clearing away the blockages that are holding people back from achieving peak performance, leading to business success.

About Estelle Louise Balfour

Business help in Lancashire

Throughout Estelle’s 25-year business career she has experienced many roles within organisations, from warehouse management to commercial management (stock control, purchasing, logistics, planning, international trade, quality, customer service, sales, senior management).  The ability to build authentic relationships with integrity has been the key to her success.

Having worked and observed many different business practices, how people treat one another, errors not learnt from, people’s skills being overlooked or underdeveloped, as well as some highly effective, supportive leadership.  We are all unique and have different circumstances and outside situations which can affect our work performance.  So, it is about balance.  Balancing your personal life, health and work to ensure you and your team are at an optimum level physically, mentally and with fun.

Estelle has a natural curiosity about people.  Known for her grounded yet consistently clear, insightful and inspiring perspectives, Estelle draws on a lifetime of experience, bringing empathy and a desire to help people become the best version of themselves.

Estelle offers one-to-one sessions at her private practice.  As well as within businesses and organisations who recognise the benefit of wellbeing within their team.

For further information call 07367 580572 or email

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