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Juice PLUS+

Juice PLUS+ has been inspiring healthy living around the world, for over 27 years, supporting individuals, athletes and families.  Bridging the gap between what you do eat, and what you should eat, each day.  Supplementing your diet with nutrients to support your immune system. 

The mission is to help YOU get more out of life.

Children’s Health Study Program.

Families participating receive Juice PLUS+ product free for their                                                          child.

A personal investment in YOU


Detox program

10-day shred

45 & 100 Day Transformation

Workout Guides










It’s YOUR time to CHANGE


Juice Plus+ is a brand supported by solid medical evidence, regulated and approved by both Informed-Choice and SGS Institut Fresenius gmbh.  With a family-based ethos, a Children’s Health Study program has been established.  Families participating in this programme received Juice Plus+ product free of charge for their child.    

With a core belief system based on Longevity, authenticity, quality, community, simplicity and being approachable – these resonated strongly with Estelle as a suitable partner for Nurturing Change.  Using the products herself, Estelle has personally experience increased energy and health benefits.

In conjunction with Sssh Project VIP, we offer a variety of guides to help you reach your healthy goals.  With products, priced from less than £1 a day.  We have packages for: skincare, belly buster, complete health, priced between £0.50 to £4.50 per day depending on your selection and personal investment in yourself – that’s less than coffee and cake, and will take you closer to your health goals.  For those looking to shed a few pounds, we have Boosters.  Whilst those who are considering switching from high chemical energy drinks to a natural energy companion, we have UpLift.  The programmes and Juice Plus+ products have so much variety, they are able to mix and match to fulfil your personal requirements. 

Feel free to browse through the Juice Plus website linked below.  You will find more data on the individual products within the range, how the products are manufactured, recipes, ingredients, the science behind the product.

Would you like to support your immune system with 30 varieties of Fruit, Veg & Berries every day..?



The benefits of Juice Plus+ in collaboration with Sssh Project VIP and Nurturing Change. 

1.  Facebook support group, featuring testimonials, recipes, workouts, a like-minded community.

2.  Recipes.

3.  Weight shred and transformation programmes (10, 45 & 100 day transformation).

4.  Detox Nutritional Programme.

5.  Workout Guide & more.

6.  Plant-based, Vegan products.

7.  Gluten & * Lactose-free (*most products).

8.  NO artificial additives.

9.  Delivered direct to your door, easy monthly payments option.

Inspiring Healthy Living in a supportive, caring way.

What to expect…

The difference with Nurturing Change is that we look at the whole of your health, mind & body.  We have alternative therapies which can support you further, limiting self-sabotage and helping you achieve your desired outcome.  With a combination of NLP, Hypnosis, OldPain2Go, IEMT we can get to the route of what did not work before and alter your mindset to enable you to live the life you have always wanted. 

Estelle offers a 30-45 minute free of charge consultation to review your personal health goals.  This can be either over the telephone or via Zoom.  This will enable information to be gathered and options to fit your personal investment and timeframe to be discussed. 

A bit of perspective:
£100 dinner date – reasonable..?
£100 healthy food shop – too expensive..?
£100 night out drinking & taxi home – weekly occurrence..?
£100 monthly supplements – can’t afford that..?
£250 + designer clothing – I need to have it..?
£250 5 hours of personal growth mentoring – I’ll get round to it..?
£1000 – a new smartphone – this is a necessity..?
£1000 – start a business – I can’t justify that..?
60 minutes watching Netflix – let’s watch another..?
60 minutes of exercise or moving your body – I don’t have time..?
Which is taking you away from your goals,
which is taking you closer towards your dream?

About Estelle Louise Balfour

Having spent many years yo-yoing, attending different groups including Weight Watchers, Slimming World, Star to Slim, Lighterlife, BodyWars.  Allowing her work to overshadow her health, long days, travelling throughout the UK and overseas.  A loyal supportive friend and social butterfly.  Something had to give, it was not sustainable, and Estelle’s body forced her to stop.  Major operations followed, including the removal of the gallbladder and a hysterectomy all within 5 years of each other. 

Estelle realised following the last operation that she needed something to help support her regain her health and vitality.  This is where Juice Plus+ came into her life.  Having researched and invested in herself by taking the products, she has not looked back since.  The supportive community within Juice Plus+ and the results speak for themselves.  For this reason, Estelle decided to invest in the company and incorporated the Juice Plus+ franchise within Nurturing Change.  Recognising it to be a good fit with her beliefs and core values.

Drawing on a lifetime of experience, Estelle brings empathy, integrity and love to her role in helping others.  Non-judgemental in her approach, she truly recognises that many factors play a part in the personal life choices we have made in the past and different choices will bring so much more happiness into the future.  Her focus is to bring calm, rebalance, empowerment to others so that they enjoy peace of mind and body.

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