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Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a methodology which combines a variety of models, looking at what people do best and how they achieve great success.  Considering peoples various communication styles, individuals desired outcome and adapting the brain pathways and re-mapping the way we think and look at things.  With NLP we look to support you in changing your focus to work better for you. 

We are all unique, with our own personal experiences, our own circumstance which has led us to make decisions based on our map of the world.  With NLP we explore your personal beliefs and core values to ensure they are in alignment with you and your desired outcome.

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NLP will help deal with challenging situations, anxiety, fearfulness, being overwhelmed, guilt, regret, empty inside, low self-esteem, unhelpful thoughts or habits, self-sabotage.  These are all very real emotional states which over time could lead to tiredness, lack of sleep, short temper, risky behaviour, outbursts of emotion, persistent colds, infections, skin conditions, low immune system, chosen self-isolation, comparing yourself to others, criticism, low self-esteem, excessive social media, ‘what’s the point’, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, di-ease & many more. 

Life may present you with a difficult decision to be made.  We find ourselves in situations that we simply do not know what to do for the best.  Relationships, work, health, retirement, education. 

Sometimes along the way, these thoughts and subsequent decisions are unhelpful.  Past situations lead to emotions which can get in the way of what we really want.  We become stuck and we need assistance to free ourselves. 

At Nurturing Change we will work with you to help you clear the mind, bringing clarity to the situation, combining a range of complementary therapies, enabling you to move forward again.  Empowering you, guiding you, bringing about effective, rapid results.

Personal investment and self-care are vital to our wellbeing – mind & body.  Every day is an opportunity to change your situation and become the best version of YOU.

The benefits of NLP and combined talk therapies…

1. Effective changes, re-mapping your thought process.

2.  Quick and direct.

3.  Safe space, non-judgemental, confidential.

4.  Workshops and transformation programmes available.

5.  Ideal for individuals, organisations, groups and businesses of all size.

6.  An all-in-one alternative therapy to support you in a way which is just right for YOU.

Estelle was amazing with me.  I’ve been to see quite a few other therapists, and none have done anything for me.  In just one session Estelle was able to hone in on what I needed and helped me focus on my life again.  100% would recommend to anyone 

Will N, Burnley

What to expect…

The initial consultation will be around 90 minutes, with information being gathered and a strategy formulated for your bespoke requirements.  We will begin some useful techniques to start you on the way to making effective changes.

You will experience clarity of thought, we will re-wire the brains thinking patterns which will enable you to manage your own personal state in a more helpful way.  Using language which is unique to you.  Increasing self-confidence, empowering you to reach your goals, releasing you from anything which has been holding you back.  We release limiting beliefs, whilst aligning your values.  Igniting your creativity and enabling you to more forward.

Sessions will be anything from 1-6, dependent on your own personal circumstance.  After care and ‘homework’ may form part of the session.  So please bring along a pen and paper so that notes can be taken.  Your co-operation in this area will lead to improved results.

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